Changelog for QCoDeS 0.12.0

The March 2020 release of QCoDeS

Breaking Changes:

  • The DataSet.add_results method no longer returns an int, but now returns None.

New Instrument drivers:

  • Keithley 3706A High Performance DMM/Switch System. (#1884)

  • QDevil QDAC High Precision Voltage Generator. (#1613)

Improved drivers:

  • Yokogawa GS200 no longer throws snapshot exception during initialization. (#1930)

  • Keysight 34465A DMM now returns ±`numpy.inf` for out-of-range values and not 9e±37. (#1929)


  • The DataSet and Measurement classes now support out-of-thread data saving. Shave off up to 50% of your measurement time! (#1896)


No documentation updates in this release.


The methods set_measurement and measure on the Station object have been deprecated. They relied on the QCoDeS legacy dataset and were not frequently used. (#1937)

Under the hood:

  • The database version is now 9. An index was added for the captured_run_id. (#1925)