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QCoDeS Example with Minicircuits Switch Boxes Controlled via USB

from qcodes.instrument_drivers.Minicircuits import MiniCircuitsUsbSPDT

change the serial number to the serial number on the sticker on the back of the device, or leave it blank if there is only one switch box connected

The driver_path should specify the url of the dll for controlling the instrument. You can find it here:

Download .NET dll and save somewhere. Unblock it (right click properties) and specify the path.

The downloaded ZIP file contains two DLLs. We recommend using mcl_RF_Switch_Controller_NET45.dll which supports the most recent .net versions.

[ ]:
dev = MiniCircuitsUsbSPDT(
    driver_path= r'C:\Users\a-dovoge\Qcodes\qcodes\instrument_drivers\Minicircuits\mcl_RF_Switch_Controller_NET45'
Connected to: Mini-Circuits RC-4SPDT-A18 (serial:11703020018, firmware:20) in 0.19s

setting value to line one or two


reading value


setting all switches to line 2

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