Changelog for QCoDeS 0.28.0

The August 2021 release of QCoDeS.

Breaking Changes:

  • get_guids_from_multiple_run_ids accepts connection over dbpath in the function. (#3222)


  • Use thread pool when acquiring parameters to save time on recreating threads, new ThreadPoolParamsCaller, use it in do1d, do2d, dond. (#3170)

  • QCoDeS has not the ability to set a default experiment in a Python session, and now, creating/ loading an experiment automatically sets that experiment as the default one. (#3214)

  • The dond function has gained the ability to produce multiple datasets when measuring multiple parameters. (#3186)

  • Make parameter registration on instrument part of parameter init. (#3191)

  • Add post sweep actions to doND sweeps. (#3283)

  • load experiment functions accept duplicated experiment name, and new_experiment warns if creates duplicated experiment. (#3296)


  • Fix shapes of dond datasets with additional setpoints. (#3305)

Improved drivers:

  • Update voltage parameter for Keithley2600 SMU to be aware of measurement status. (#3251)

Under the hood:

  • Adding a Sphinx extension to document Parameter attributes. (#3224)

  • Work around legacy test issue with hf51.12.1 on conda forge. (#3278)

  • Make qcodes install mostly pep517/518 compliant. (#3288)

  • Log all installed packages. (#3289)

  • Remove pre-commit job from the repository in favor of pre-commit integration in the CI. (#3293, #3290)

  • Explicitly depend on setuptools. (#3294)