Changelog for QCoDeS 0.7.0

The October 2019 release of QCoDeS


  • Introduce a new kind of deprecation warning (#1752). Users, please take deprecation warnings seriously. See also breaking changes below.


  • API documentation improved! (#1725)

Improved Drivers:

  • Keithley 2600 Sourcemeter: now implements a time trace parameter and autorange functionality (#1684)

  • Keysight 344xxA Digital Multimeter: now implements a time trace parameter (#1750)

  • Keysight B 1500 Parameter Analyzer: now supports phase compensation, open compensation, clear frequency list, and abort measurement (#1704) and reading the error message (#1758)

  • Lakeshore Model 372 Temperature Controller: Improve the snapshot and add new heater parameter (#1746)

  • Dynacool PPMS: the tolerance for when the magnetic field has reached its target is now a parameter (#1754)

Under the hood:

  • Start supporting python 3.8 (#1723)

  • Use importlib-metadata (#1721)

  • Fix a bug in create_on_off_val_mapping (#1732)

  • Fix a bug in get_shaped_data_by_runid (#1735)

  • Use mypy 0.730 (#1738)

  • Add type annotations to more of the code base (#1739, #1743)

  • Require type annotations in more of the code base (#1747)

  • Fix a bug in the handling of instrument metadata (#1740)

  • Fix a bug in GroupParameter that prevented the use of initial_value (#1742)

  • Make the set_to context manager of parameters more robust and faster (#1749)

  • Make the get_latest method of parameters more robust (#1751)

  • Make test collection faster (#1755)

Breaking Changes:

  • Deprecation warnings are no longer issued as DeprecationWarning but as a new custom type QCoDeSDeprecationWarning that does inherit from RuntimeWarning. The reason for this is that DeprecationWarning s are suppressed in the output by default.

  • Changes to the YAML format specifying the Station. See The Station notebook. for examples of how the Station should be configured.

    • Specifying module name of a driver as driver and type is deprecated. Instead the full module path should be specified as type and the driver field removed. (#1753, #1760)

    • Specifying the limits of a parameter as a list of comma separated values is deprecated. Instead the limits should be specified as an array. (#1756)