QCoDeS [UNRELEASED DRAFT] (2024-02-23)

Breaking Changes:

  • The AMI drivers in qcodes.instrument_drivers.american_magnetics.AMI430 and their submodules has been deprecated. Use the AMIModel430 and AMIModel4303D drivers from qcodes.instrument_drivers.american_magnetics instead. (#5712)

  • The qcodes.tests module has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please import mock instruments from qcodes.instrument_drivers.mock_instruments and DriverTestCase from qcodes.extensions instead. If you make use of any other part of the tests module please open an issue on GitHub. (#5732)


  • As an extension to the feature added in #5627 datasets are also no longer converted into QCoDeS format when loaded from netcdf using load_by_guid, load_by_id, load_by_run_spec, load_by_counter (#5711)

  • An issue where simulated instruments powered by pyvisa-sim could raise an error during the teardown has been resolved. (#5737)