QCoDeS 0.43.0 (2024-01-04)


  • qcodes.Monitor now runs as a daemon thread, resolving issues with closing python or ipython with a running qcodes.Monitor. (#5565)

  • The use of multi index when exporting to xarray (and netcdf files) has been made smarter such that any dataset with a known shape (such as those measured by doNd etc) will never be automatically exported using multi index even in the case of incomplete datasets (i.e. due to an interrupted measurement). Furthermore to_xarray_dataset and to_xarray_dataarray_dict have gained a key word argument use_multi_index to allow the user to control the use of multi indexes. (#5589)

  • The feature of exporting large DataSets to netcdf by writing individual small files and combining them, introduced in QCoDeS 0.41.0 has been made configurable and turned off by default due to a number of corner cases where the export did not work correctly. The feature can be enabled when required by setting the config variable qcodes.config.dataset.export_chunked_export_of_large_files_enabled to True and the threshold controlled using qcodes.config.dataset.export_chunked_threshold (#5618)

Improved Drivers:

  • Keithley 2450s by default don’t block when setting their output level, differing in behavior from the keithley 2400. I added a manual boolian parameter ‘block_during_ramp’ which forces a check that the ramp command has been completed when True. (#5547)

  • Previously, the keithley 2450 driver had an initial value for the output. This is particularly dangerous when reinitializing/recovering from a kernal crash. Initializing the instrument should leave all parameters unchanged. This PR removes the initial value for the output. (#5572)

Under the hood:

  • Fix typo: instrument_drivers.mock_instruments.DummyInstrument::get_idn() now returns dict containing key “serial” instead of “seral” (#5579)