Changelog for QCoDeS 0.23.0

The February 2021 release of QCoDeS.


  • Commit data directy to dataset cache (#2667) (#2761)

  • Removed duplicate get call in _ParamCaller used to acquire parameters out of the main thread. This fix resulting in a 2x speed up for multi-threaded experiments (#2712)

  • Add pandas and xarray methods to DataSetCache matching the DataSet (#2763)

  • Fix to Avoid loading data twice in dataset’s to_xarray_dataset method (#2762)

  • Add optional tqdm progress bar to doNd functions (#2734)

  • Improvment to Station by adding the load_all_instruments method to load everything specified in configuration yaml (#2721) (#2754)

  • In guid_helpers the regular expression used to read guids from a string represantation of a list/tuple of guids was flawed. Improvment to use ast.parse makes it a lot easier and error proof. (#2700)

  • Fix for station snapshot of parameters with snapshot_exclude (#2692)

New drivers:

  • AWG Driver for the Keysight M9336A PXIe I/Q Arbitrary Waveform Generator. This driver provides a simple wrapper around the IVI-C drivers from Keysight (#2613)

  • Driver wrapper for the Keysight M960X DAC. This driver provides an interface into the IVI-C driver provided by Keysight (#2613)

Improved drivers:

  • Feature to determine the frequency and power parameter validators on the Agilent E8527D microwave source based on the installed options (#2690)

Under the hood:

  • Remove dependency on gitpython (#2738)

  • Add two more SMUs to B1500 yaml sim file, useful for testing (#2722)

  • Modernize packaging by moving most static packaging data to setup.cfg (#2693)

  • Remove left over usage of deprecated get_data_as_pandas_dataframe (#2674)