QCoDeS 0.35.0b1 (2022-07-08)

This is a beta release of the upcoming QCoDeS 0.35.0 release.

In this release a large refactoring of the QCoDeS modules organization has taken place. Among other changes the instrument module has been split into a parameters and instrument module, the dond functions have been moved to the dataset module and several methods removed from the public API of the utils module.

The new API is documented in the QCoDes API documentation section of the QCoDeS homepage.

Going forward we aim to establish a policy where the QCoDeS public API is defined by modules explicitly documented in the QCoDes API documentation and importable from submodules at most one level deep. I.e. from qcodes.instrument import InstrumentChannel is supported but from qcodes.instrument.channel import InstrumentChannel is considered unsupported.

Importing from previously existing locations should continue to work but it is recommended to update to the new API. In the future we may deprecate and eventually remove these modules but no firm date is set for this.

Please report any issues you may see with importing from the previously existing API or if you depend on any functions, classes etc. not available from the new public API.

Breaking Changes:

  • Removed deprecated units property from DataArray. (#4358)

  • Removed deprecated qcodes.version module. Use qcodes.__version__ (#4307)


New Drivers:

  • Add Keithley 2634B model to 2600 driver (#4290)

Improved Drivers:

  • The Keysight N52 series drivers have gained a parameter to control RF output. (#4301)

  • Improved Keysight N51x1 driver: make frequency option detection compatible with multiple options installed on device. (#4342)