QCoDeS 0.45.0 (2024-05-03)

Breaking Changes:

  • The AMI drivers in qcodes.instrument_drivers.american_magnetics.AMI430 and their submodules has been deprecated. Use the AMIModel430 and AMIModel4303D drivers from qcodes.instrument_drivers.american_magnetics instead. (#5712)

  • QCoDeS is now type checked to ensure that subclasses are implemented in a way consistent with the parent class. This has resulted in a number of changes to the API. The following is a list of the changes that have been made to the API to make subclasses match their parent class. These changes are not expected to break any existing code, since they are primarily in positional arguments or unused arguments.

    • The first argument to NumpyJSONEncoder.default has changed from obj to o to match the naming in the std library json.JSONEncoder.default.

    • Unused args idn_part and being_time to QDevQDac.connect_message have been changed to idn_param and begin_time respectively to match the parent class.

    • Unused arguments to stub methods DSOTraceParam.setpoints, DSOTraceParam.unit and FormattedSweep.setpoints have been changed to match the parent class.

    • Alazar DemodulationAcquisitionController.handle_buffer the first argument has been renamed from data to buffer to match the parent class. (#5721)

  • The qcodes.tests module has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please import mock instruments from qcodes.instrument_drivers.mock_instruments and DriverTestCase from qcodes.extensions instead. If you make use of any other part of the tests module please open an issue on GitHub. (#5732)

  • Fix spelling of the 2 incorrectly spelled classes `qcodes.instrument_drivers.tektronix.TekronixDPOTrigger` and `qcodes.instrument_drivers.tektronix.TekronixDPOWaveform` to `qcodes.instrument_drivers.tektronix.TektronixDPOTrigger` and `qcodes.instrument_drivers.tektronix.TektronixDPOWaveform` . The old names have been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. (#5932)

  • QCoDeS no longer installs opencensus and opencensus-ext-azure are no longer installed by default and opencensus integration is deprecated. This means that the option qcodes.config.telemetry.enabled to True is deprecated. For the time being opencensus and opencensus-ext-azure can be installed by installing QCoDeS with the opencensus option e.g. pip install qcodes[opencensus]. We however, recommend that any use of this telemetry integration is replaced by the use of OpenTelemetry. QCoDeS will not include any telemetry integration but the codebase has been instrumented using OpenTelemetry spans and python log messages enabling any user to collect telemetry if they should so wish. (#5991)


  • An issue where simulated instruments powered by pyvisa-sim could raise an error during the teardown has been resolved. (#5737)

  • Add support for integer indexing in parameter paths in Station Files, e.g channel[0].voltage or sigouts[0].enables[1].value. (#5887)

  • Station.get_component and Instrument.get_component has gained the ability to lookup a component on an instrument that is only added as a member of a chanellist/tuple and not added as an individual component. (#6009)

Improved Drivers:

  • Improved Stahl BS Voltage Source driver: - accepts more floating-point formats in response from instrument - allows connection to serial instrument over TCP/IP connection (#5888)

  • The driver for Rohde&Schwarz SG100A has been extendend with parameters controlling the optional pulse modulation and trigger modules. (#5889)

  • The drivers for TektronixAWG5208, TektronixAWG70001A, TektronixAWG70001B, TektronixAWG70002A and TektronixAWG70002B have gained the parameter all_output_off to disable / enable all outputs as well as the method channel.clear_asset to clear all asserts on a channel. (#5900)

  • A number of new parameters are added to the Keysight N9030B Spectrum Analyzer to allow for Noise Spectral Density measurements. In particular we add various parameters for switching the detectors into the appropriate modes, as well as allowing for instrument parameters required for unit conversions to be saved in the snapshot.

    In addition, we use binary readout of the data and the ability to read data from the instrument buffer (without taking a new trace), and to read averaged data. (#5963)

  • Adds trace manipulation commands to the Keysight PNA driver. (#6035)


  • Add a do2d_retrace function (#5780)

  • Added a new QCoDeS driver for the Cryomagnetics Model 4G superconducting magnet power supply.

    The CryomagneticsModel4G driver provides an interface to control and communicate with the Cryomagnetics Model 4G superconducting magnet power supply using the VISA protocol. It allows setting and reading the magnetic field, ramp rate, and various other parameters of the instrument.

    Key features of the driver include:

    • Setting and reading the magnetic field in Tesla, considering the coil constant and current limits.

    • Controlling the ramp rate in Tesla per minute.

    • Checking the operating state of the magnet and handling quench conditions and power module failures.

    • Blocking and non-blocking ramping of the magnetic field.

    • Handling communication errors and retrying failed operations.

    The driver is located in qcodes/instrument_drivers/cryomagnetics/cryomagnetics_4g.py.

    For more details and usage examples, please refer to the driver’s documentation: https://qcodes.github.io/Qcodes/examples/driver_examples/Qcodes_example_with_cryomagnetics4g.html (#5968)

  • Add methods to recursively search a chain of DelegateParameters and return either all the parameters in the chain or the ‘root’ parameter These methods may also be used with custom Parameters which link to other parameters via different attribute names

    Also add infer_channel and infer_instrument methods to find the InstrumentModule or Instrument of the root parameter (#5998)