QCoDeS 0.42.0 (2023-11-16)

Breaking Changes:

  • Tests are no longer shipped as part of the qcodes package. The qcodes.tests namespace still exists but will be deprecated in QCoDeS 0.43.0. qcodes.test is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. To run the tests against an installed version clone git repo to matching tag and run pytest tests from the root of the repo. (#5452)


  • Fixed a bug in the Agilent 8257D where on and off would call a non existing parameter. The methods have been updated to call output_enabled. (#5496)

  • QCoDeS in memory datasets exported to netcdf with MultiIndexes are now correctly decompressed when reloaded with load_by_id and friends. (#5517)

  • Lakeshore 335 Output: Add parameter mapping for input=None (#5520)

  • The size calculation used to estimate when a dataset should be exported in chuncks has been improved. This will prevent “small” dataset with many rows from being exported in chuncks when not required. (#5523)


  • Mark python 3.12 as supported and fix deprecation warnings with python 3.12 (#5408)

  • Mock instruments have been moved from qcodes.tests.instrument_mocks to qcodes.instrument_drivers.mock_instruments and DriverTestCase from qcodes.tests.driver_test_case to qcodes.extensions. This is in preparation for no longer shipping qcodes.tests as part of the public api. The previous locations remain functional but will be deprecated after one release. (#5486)