QCoDeS 0.31.0 (2021-12-20)


  • Do not apply offset or scale when getting a DelegateParameter and source is uninitialized (its value is None) to prevent a TypeError being raised. Closes #3653 (#3662)

  • get_parameter_data for an empty dataset now correctly returns a dict of dicts of empty numpy arrays consistent with how data is normally returned. Previously, this returned an empty dict. (#3682)

New Drivers:

  • Adds a driver for the PNA N5222B (#3683)

Improved Drivers:

  • AMI430 magnet power supply: fix switch heater parameters that return 0 or 1 as a string (#3650)

  • Adds CW mode to PNA 52xx (#3683)

  • Update N52xx driver to fix warnings on initialization related to not passing **kwargs in trace parameters (closes #3687). PNA traces updated to use ParameterWithSetpoints as base instead of ArrayParameter. (#3688)

  • Add example notebook for R&S SGS100A RF source. (#3680)