Changelog for QCoDeS 0.24.0

The March 2021 release of QCoDeS.

Breaking Changes:

  • Because the mode of the Infiniium instrument driver is no longer set in the constructor, the change introduced by #2837 is a breaking change.


  • Support export to xarray for data with non unique indices (#2848).

  • Update use of Slack API in qcodes.utils.slack.Slack class (#2813)

  • Support dataset export to NetCDF or CSV after measurement ends (#2782)

  • Export more metadata to xarray dataset (#2854)

  • Extra explanation for Experiment and database in 15_minutes notebook (#2838)

Improved drivers:

  • Remove hardcoded acquire mode and allow users to set acquire mode for trace on Infiniium driver (#2837)

  • Updating SR830 driver with adding autorange method and its example notebook (#2832)