Changelog for QCoDeS 0.29.0

The September 2021 release of QCoDeS.


  • Simultaneous ramping feature that enables you to sweep an AMI 3D magnet to (x,y,z) in time T or at vector ramp rate R, ramping all 3 axes together (in parallel) and making a linear/vector trajectory from current field to the setpoint in 3D magnetic field space. Please see updates to the AMI magnet driver example documentation. (#3233)

  • Galil DMC-41x3 stepper motor controller that can be used with Janis probes for moving the measurement arm. (#2626)


  • Documentation: clarified contribution guides and contacts (#3375, #3370)

  • Raise ValueError if given more than one result for the same parameter name in DataSaver.add_result. (#3265)

Improved drivers:

  • Keithley 2600 SMU support to return both voltage and current compliance limit errors. (#3339, #3362)

  • Make SR86xBufferReadout parameter take kwargs and pass them to base class. (#3341)

Under the hood:

  • Logging update to explicitly set encoding for file handler thus preventing issues on systems with less widespread encodings. (#3327)

  • Add type packages discovered by mypy –install-types. (#3379)

  • Resolved uncertainties package issues. (#3334)

  • updates for reporting a bug. (#3345)

  • Make it possible to manually trigger codeql, using codeql-analysis.yml recommended by github. (#3314, #3329)

  • Remove redundant filters from test runner. (#3295)