QCoDeS 0.40.0 (2023-09-14)


  • Very noisy log messages from azure.monitor.opentelemetry.exporter are now by default filtered and not shown in the console logger. This matches the behavior of the OpenCensus exporter. (#5278)

  • The InstrumentLoggerAdapter has been updated to store the instrument_name and instrument_type as fields on log records rather than the instrument it self. This enables opentelemetry to attache the fields to a transmitted LogRecord for better filtering. (#5297)

  • In the QCoDeS DataSetProtocol newly created dataset now always have a captured_run_id / captured_counter that matches the run_id / result_counter that they are assigned on creation. Previously these could be out of sync if datasets measured elsewhere had been inserted into the database. (#5329)

  • The pyvisa.ResourceManager of a VISA instrument is now exposed as instr.resource_manager. All VISA instruments will now use weakref.finalize to close the visa resource on shutdown of the instrument. This should reduce the chance that an instrument resource is not cleanup correctly on exit. (#5341)

Improved Drivers:


  • The QCoDeS Measurement Context manager, DataSaverBuilder and DoND functions have been instrumented as OpenTelemetry traces. This enables users to correlate log messages with the the measurement that they were performed within. See the OpenTelemetry documentation for examples of how this can be used.

    The log exporting using OpenCensus within QCoDeS is expected to be deprecated and eventually removed in line with OpenCensus being discontinued. Users that are interested in gathering telemetry of their setups are encouraged to provide their own solution based on OpenTelemetry. (#5289)

  • New features: datasaver_builder and dond_into are intermediate measurement extensions designed to fill a gap between the low-level Measurement object and the high-level doNd functions. They allow convenient specification of parameter dependencies for registration and doNd-like syntax while also allowing direct access to the underlying datasaver objects. (#5294)