Changelog for QCoDeS 0.8.1

This is a bug fix release fixing the following issues

  • QDac cache returns invalid data (#1844)

  • Station config validation raises exception if validation failed (#1846)

  • Make sure start_all_logging does not try to reach the internet (#1847)

  • Fix type annotation for Parameter.__call__ (#1839)

  • Add Keysight 34410A driver (#1835)

  • Keysight 344xxA driver: support the fact that DIG option is always enabled with firmware version 3.0, also add support for MEM option (#1845)

The QDac driver received a thorough overhauling of the vrange and v parameters. read_state has been deprecated.

The Station validation logs the full config file on validation warnings. There has been a bug which caused an exception, when creating the log message if the station config is read from a file.

start_all_logging does a call to pip list, which times out if there is no internet connection, because it tries to update the index. Passing –no-index fixes this.