Changelog for QCoDeS 0.25.0

The April 2021 release of QCoDeS.

Breaking Changes:

  • get_data_by_id no longer returns data for standalone parameters if there are no dependent parameters in the dataset. For the same reason plot_by_id and plot_dataset will no longer plot these standalone parameters. (#2918)

  • xarray exported data no longer exports extra metadata columns under the extra_metadata tag since the extra dictionary level prevents exporting to netcdf (#2934)


  • get_data_by_id and get_shaped_data_by_runid are now deprecated. These functions now all have better alternatives in the build in get_parameter_data as well as Xarray and Pandas exporters. (#2921, #2925)


  • SP983c Basel IV amplifier remote control driver (#2707)

  • Add support for Keysight 34411A (#2927)

  • Added the functionality of getting guids from multiple run ids and directly from database (#2930)

  • NumpyJSONEncoder: Add support for the uncertanties’ UFloat type (#2933)

  • Add conversion between qcodes legacy DataSet and xarray format (#2938)


  • plot_dataset: Improved performance by using in memory cache when possible to avoid reloading data from disk (#2918)

  • contribution guidelines: remove no longer relevant sections and make the sections on naming somewhat less strict (#2937)

  • remove double assignment of dataset variable in example notebook of Performing-measurements-using-qcodes-parameters-and-dataset (#2926)

  • Update old driver notebooks (Agilent 34400A) docs (#2377)

  • Update link from NI VISA to Keysight IO Libraries Suite on ‘Getting Started’ Doc (#2948)

  • Removed ZI UHFLI notebook (#2893)

Improved drivers:

  • Significant performance improvement in Tektronix5014 driver (#2910)

  • AMI430 3D driver: allow instantiating from names of existing AMI430 instances, next to from AMI430 instances only driver (#2949)

  • AMI430 3D driver: add docstring, extra test for initializing from AMI430 by name driver (#2951)

  • Driver sr830 update: Add ChannelTrace class and related parameter ch{ch}_datatrace which makes buffered acquisition easier.(#2894)

Under the hood:

  • Log sample_name, exp_name, dataset name when Measurement starts (#2952)

  • Move private dataset export functions to their own module (#2904)

  • Remove wait time test (#2935)

  • fix(logger): Disable conditionally start logging for Sphinx documentation (#2909)

  • Name legacy test datasets (#2950)

  • use python -m pip to upgrade pip in github actions (#2955)