QCoDeS 0.34.0 (2022-06-10)

Breaking Changes:

  • The deprecated driver for ZI UHFLI has been removed. Please use the drivers provided by zhinst-qcodes. (#4081)

  • InstrumentBase class now raises error if name is an invalid identifier. This effects creation of instruments, channels, modules. (#4178)

  • The deprecated fallback for visa addresses containing an @ and the backend has been removed. (#4219)

  • QCoDeS no longer explicitly sets the read and write terminators to “” (The empty string) by default. The default terminators are now set by PyVISA. This should only have implications for RS232 instruments where the default read and write terminators now are \r. (#4219)


  • The QCoDeS instrument baseclass has gained a method invalidate_cache. This will mark the cache of all parameters on the instrument and its submodules as invalid. This is useful if you manually (e.g. via the front panel) make changes to the instrument that QCoDeS cannot know about. (#4161)


  • Improved conversion between qcodes.data.data_set.DataSet and xarray. The conversion from xarray format to QCoDeS is more robust in reordering the coordinates. The dataset attributes label and unit are now converted as well. (#4011)

Improved Drivers:

  • Fixed issue #4121 of setting the mode of the Keithley 6500 by adding single quotes around the mode value in the set_cmd string. (#4122)

  • Add db/phase sweep parameter for rohde_schwarz ZNB driver (#4139)

  • Add polar parameter to Keysight PNA to fetch the data using the polar format. This reduces the measurement time; instead of pulling magnitude and phase separately, we now get all complex data points in a single trace. (#4182)