Changelog for QCoDeS 0.13.0

The April 2020 release of QCoDeS

Breaking Changes:

  • The dictionary station.components['config'] representing a Station configuration loaded from a YAML file has been moved to station.config. The same change is reflected in the snapshot and the config can now be accessed via station_snapshot['config']. (#1913)

  • The QCoDeS configuration module has moved from qcodes.config to qcodes.configuration to disambiguate it from the current active config which is defined in qcodes.config as always (#1682)

  • It is now an error to overwrite get and set in a _BaseParameter subclass. Users have been warned against this for a long time (#1946)

  • The legacy api such as Loop, active_loop, active_data_set, Measure, DataSet, new_data, load_data, Task, Wait, BreakIf, FormatLocation, DataArray, Formatter, GNUPlotFormat, HDF5Format, DiskIO, are no more imported in QCoDeS namespace by default. The core config now contains a new flag import_legacy_api that can be set to True if the legacy api needs to be imported in the QCoDeS namespace. (#1962)

  • The Deprecated log_analysis module has been retired (#1950)

Improved drivers:

  • Types have been added to init functions of the concrete Keysight DMM drivers classes (#1969)


  • The public QCoDeS api imported from the toplevel qcodes namespace can also be imported from their respective modules for ex qcodes.dataset, qcodes.instrument etc. (#1962)

  • Complete types have been added to the qcodes station (#1913)

  • get_last_run has been improved to match the signature of get_runs (#1960)

  • The Snapshot of station.config (and other UserDicts) has been improved so that it can be reloaded back into a dict (#1961)


  • Improvements to several notebooks showing a better way of customizing parameters (#1973)

  • An option to execute Jupyter notebooks via Binder has been added (#1943, #1948)

  • A note that measurement context managers do not nest has been added (#1949)

  • A Typo in a Dynacool docstring has been corrected (#1952)

  • A note on limitations in delegate parameter has been added (#1953)

  • The attribute documentation for parameter has been improved (#1956)

  • B1500 documentation is included in the docs (#1971)


  • get_data and get_values methods in dataset have been deprecated (#1941)

Under the hood:

  • Use pytest retry to re-execute known flaky test (#1940)

  • Update azure pipelines images (#1938)

  • Remove the debug log from data_set (#1942)

  • Code simplifications (#1944)