Changelog for QCoDeS 0.9.0

The December 2019 release of QCoDeS


  • Call start_all_logging on qcodes import. See this example for more details on how this can be configured. (#1850)


  • Improvements to dataset notebooks (#1813)

  • Fix warning in matplotlib plotting for legacy dataset (#1839)

  • Add electrical delay parameter and function set_electrical_delay_auto for ZNB driver (#1849)

  • Keysight 344xxA: Fix formatting issues (#1851)

  • Fix docstrings in (#1855)

  • Update add option to save waveform to usb (#1716)

New Instrument drivers:

Under the hood:

  • Move QCoDeS import into function that needs it to break potential circular import (#1870)

  • Fix return type of _BaseParameter.__call__ (#1839)

  • CI: Trigger azure pipeline on tags (#1837)

  • CI: Travis don’t apt-get install (#1842)

  • CI: Travis Explicitly whitelist branches and tags to build (#1865)

  • CI: Check for consistent line ending using Codacy (#1866)

  • CI: Also trigger azure builds on release branches (#1868)

  • CI: Azure twine -r name should match service endpoint (#1869)

Breaking Changes:

  • StandardParameter after long deprecation period has been removed (#1859)

  • Parameter.set_validator method after long deprecation period has been removed (#1856)


  • Setting Parameter.raw_value (for example p.raw_value = 2) is deprecated because it can lead to inconsistent state of the parameter. Use Parameter.set or Parameter.cache.set methods instead. (#1857)

  • Private method Parameter._save_val that has been spotted in use in instrument drivers is deprecated now. Use Parameter.set and Parameter.cache.set methods instead. (#1858)