QCoDeS 0.39.0 (2023-06-20)

Note that this will be the last version to support Python 3.8. Please upgrade to at least python 3.9.


  • The in memory cache of a dataset can now be configured both from the qcodesrc.json config file and when using dond to perform measurements. The Exception raised when a dond, do1d etc. measurement is interrupted (BreakConditionInterrupt) has been made public as part of the qcodes.dataset module so it can be intercepted and handled by the user. (#5200)

  • When writing a DataSetInMem back to a database the exp_id, counter and run_id are correctly updated to reflect the sate of the new database. write_metadata_to_db has also been fixed to use the database passed to init of the DataSetInMem class if no path is provided. (#5209)

Improved Drivers:

  • Fix Keithley 3706A driver to use the updated interlock status strings (following up on #5007) (#5147)

  • Increase default timeout on R&S ZNB and allow the instrument to overwrite default timeout (#5201)