QCoDeS 0.44.0 (2024-01-24)

Breaking Changes:

  • The deprecated method DataSetProtocol.cache.to_pandas has been removed. Use the to_pandas_dataframe or to_pandas_dataframe_dict methods as an alternative. (#5626)

  • The following long deprecated functions and methods and functionalities have been removed. Here ordered by top level module for clarity.

    • qcodes.dataset

      • flatten_1D_data_for_plot

      • get_shaped_data_by_runid

      • get_guids_from_run_spec

      • dataset.get_data_as_pandas_dataframe

      • dataset.export_path

      • _conditional_parameter_set

      • _make_nested_setpoints

      • _select_active_actions_delays

      • _create_measurements

      • _extract_paramters_by_type_and_group

      • _build_data_query

      • get_data

      • get_interdeps_from_result_table_name

      • get_values

      • get_setpoints

      • get_guids_from_run_spec

      • data_sets

      • modify_values

      • modify_many_values

    • qcodes.instrument_drivers.devices / codes.parameters

      • VoltageDivider

    • qcodes.station

      • Support for driver kwarg in yaml config

      • Support for limits as a string.

    • qcodes.utils

      • get_qcodes_version (#5651)

  • The following deprecated instrument drivers have been removed:

    • QDevil.QDac Use driver from qcodes_contrib_drivers instead.

    • Agilent_34400A Use Keysight 344xxA drivers or Agilent34401A, Agilent34410A, Agilent34411A instead.

    • E8267 use AgilentE8267C instead.

    • Agilent_E8527D use AgilentE8257D instead.

    The following deprecated instrument driver methods have been removed:

    • KeysightInfiniium DSOTimeAxisParam.prepare_curvedata

    • KeysightB1517A.measure_config replaced by v_measure_range_config and i_measure_range_config

    • RohdeSchwarz ZNB RohdeSchwarzZNBChannel.update_traces use update_lin_traces

    qcodes.utils.deprecate decorator has been soft deprecated. In the future qcodes will use the deprecated decorator from the typing_extensions package (to be part of the std library warnings module from Python 3.13). We recommend anyone else to do the same. (#5655)


  • load_by_run_spec and load_by_id may now optionally load the dataset as a DataSetInMem from an exported netcdf file. This avoids reading from the database potentially resulting in better performance. This option is off by default at the moment but can be turned on by setting qcodes.config.dataset.load_from_exported_file to True. (#5320)

  • When loading a QCoDeS dataset from a netcdf file using load_from_netcdf and converted to a Xarray dataset using to_xarray_dataset or cache.to_xarray_dataset we avoid converting the data to QCoDeS format and back to Xarray format. This should save time and avoid any potential corner cases when roundtripping the data. (#5627)

  • Fixed an issue where datasets with categorical setpoints could fail to correctly export to Pandas dataframes or Xarray dataset. (#5641)

Improved Drivers:

  • Lakeshore 335: Add parameter mapping for thermocouple input when using 3060-H option (#5652)