Changelog for QCoDeS 0.22.0

The January 2021 release of QCoDeS.

Breaking Changes:

  • Removed deprecated SD_common modules from Keysight (#2544)

  • Removed deprecated add_parameter method from DataSet (#2582)


  • Unused semi private functions modify_values and modify_many_values are deprecated (#2582)


  • Add native and convenient XArray data export methods to DataSet supporting concatenation, also improve the Pandas DataFrames export methods (#2507)

  • Possibility to measure parameters in a separate thread per instrument inside doNd functions (#2616)

  • guid_helpers: Extracting guids from database files and list of strings (#2541)


  • Ravel data before inserting into DataSet cache (#2664)

  • Removed duplicated attributes in (#2560)

  • Fix header levels and section structure in Measurement example notebook (#2624)

  • doNd notebook update: the notebook compares doNd with Measurement context manager (#2512)

  • Allow passing ParamSpecBase objects to DataSet’s get_parameter_data and related methods(#2655)

New drivers:

  • Keysight N9030B Spectrum Analyzer (#2553)

Improved drivers:

  • Keysight B1500: support measuring any number of channels during IV sweep (#2649)

  • Add checks for signal current level and voltage level queries in Keysight E4980A (#2561)

  • Set signal mode and snapshot_exclude in Keysight E4980A (#2612)

  • Add input offset voltage parameter to Basel SP983C (#2648)

  • Add test to ensure that AWG70000A driver throws a warning when waveform is clipped (#2585)

Under the hood:

  • Add support for type checking with Numpy 1.20 (#2499)

  • Minor typing improvements (#2546)

  • Improved minimum requirements in qcodes setup (#2569)

  • Improved tests (#2581)

  • Filter google rcp related warnings (#2598)

  • Removed unneeded html theme path (#2608)