Source code for qcodes.instrument_drivers.weinschel.Weinschel_8320

from typing import Any

import numpy as np

from qcodes import validators as vals
from qcodes.instrument import VisaInstrument
from qcodes.parameters import Parameter

[docs] class Weinschel8320(VisaInstrument): """ QCodes driver for the Weinschel 8320 stepped attenuator. Weinschel is formerly known as Aeroflex/Weinschel """ def __init__(self, name: str, address: str, **kwargs: Any): super().__init__(name, address, terminator='\r', **kwargs) self.attenuation = Parameter( "attenuation", unit="dB", set_cmd="ATTN ALL {0:0=2d}", get_cmd="ATTN? 1", vals=vals.Enum(*np.arange(0, 60.1, 2).tolist()), instrument=self, get_parser=float, ) """Control the attenuation""" self.connect_message()
class Weinschel_8320(Weinschel8320): """ Alias for Weinschel8320 will eventually be deprecated and removed. """